General Rules  Private Events  Pool Rules  Tennis Rules  Child Supervision

Please review the following rules with your family. We look forward to a safe and fun summer.

General Rules

  1. We remind members that no alcoholic beverages are allowed before 6pm on Club premises. Members are expected to act safely and responsibly at all times. Please No GLASS containers of any kind on the pool deck.

  2. The beach gate located by the pump house will be open to members from 10:00 AM -7:00 PM daily. The gate may be locked at any time at the manager's discretion if there are unforeseen circumstances, i.e. staffing issues. When the gate is not staffed, it will be locked for the safety of all members. Members may request to have the gate opened at any time, but it will be locked behind them.

  3. The grill area is open to all members during normal Club operating hours. We ask you to clean up the grill area and remove any lighter fluid, matches, lighters, coal and or sharp objects that could be a hazard to other members or to their guests.

  4. We ask all members to sign in at the front entrance when they arrive at the Club.

  5. All guests must be signed in upon arriving at the Club whether they are playing tennis, having lunch or spending the day at the club.

  6. Parents and babysitters must supervise their children/charges at all times. Children age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult while on the premises.

  7. Running/rough-housing is not permitted in the Clubhouse, on the porch or on the pool deck.

  8. Anyone wet from the pool must dry off before entering the Clubhouse.

  9. We ask anyone returning to the Club after walking on the beach to wash the sand off at the shower/hose before entering one of the pools or the Clubhouse. Please do not rinse sand off your feet in the pool.

  10. Please do not save tables around the pool area. Please use the table to eat your lunch or snack and then clean up the table for the next group.

  11. Please remember the club in a residential neighborhood. Please try to keep the noise levels to a minimum when leaving the Club in the evening hours.

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Private Events

The Beach Club is not available for private functions. Arrangements for small birthday parties or family gatherings should be made through the Club Manager.

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Pool Rules

  1. No running is allowed on the pool deck.

  2. Pushing people into the pool is not allowed under any circumstance.

  3. NO GLASS is allowed on the pool deck. This includes beer bottles, wine bottles, drinking glasses as well as glass containers for food.

  4. Parents must stay by the 3 foot wading pool and watch their children. The 3 foot pool is for children under the age of 6 who have not attained their starfish level.

  5. Under no circumstance is a child without a starfish allowed in the big pool without an adult.

  6. Due to the health risks, no diapers or training pants allowed in big pool. Children must be potty trained.

  7. Inflatables are not permitted in either pools.

  8. Appropriate swim wear is required.

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Tennis Rules

  1. The Club Staff is vested with the authority to enforce the tennis rules and policies.

  2. Food, beverages, gum and smoking are not allowed on the courts.

  3. All players must wear non-marking tennis footwear and appropriate tennis attire.

  4. The tennis c ourts are for tennis use only. Rollerblades, scooters and skateboards are not permitted on the courts at any time. We ask that children do not play on the tennis courts.

  5. All tennis players and their guests must be signed in every visit to the Club.

  6. Anyone wishing to access the backboard must walk around the courts (not across the courts) to reach the backboard area. Backboards are not available during tennis tournament matches.

  7. The water coolers are for tennis players only. Please refrain from allowing your children to congregate at the coolers.
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Child Supervision

We ask parents to supervise children at all times. Children under the age of seven must be accompanied by an adult in the bathrooms and Clubhouse. The dining room may be used for card and board games but we ask all other activities be done outside. Members and their children are expected to clean up tables after they have been used.  Children age 13 and older are allowed to be at the club without adult supervision. All aged members are responsible for the behavior of their signed in guests. Please review the guest policy with your children if they fall into this age category. We ask your full cooperation in keeping our Clubhouse a safe and clean environment for all members.

A child of any member who is reprimanded for certain actions may be asked to leave the club for the rest of the day.

A child of any member who is reprimanded by management three times for unsafe behavior will be asked to take aleave from the Club for a period of three days.  Consequences for continuous misbehavior are at the discretion of Club Management and can include further suspension and/or expulsion from the Club for the season.

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