Past Beach Club Award Winners

The President's Cup

The Presidents Cup Award has been given out at this Club since 1941.  It is a highly prestigious award given to a deserving person who exemplifies what the Beach Club is all about-having a great attitude, always exhibiting good sportsmanship, a willingness to work hard, and always there to lend a helping hand.

2015 Cahill Whittier
2014 Chrissy Rogers
2013 Paige Quagrello
2012 Maeve Caldwell
2011 Eric Faia
2010 Hannah Fobert
2009 Anne Arthur
2008 Kirby Heffrin
2007 Ellie Granese
2006 Andrew Raisner
2005 Rowan Easterbrook
2004 Tatum Pederson
2003 Gillian Dempsey
2002 Ryan Heffrin
2001 Andrew Ivers
2000 Kelly Dalton

The Dr. Charles Donovan Award

The Doctor Charles E. Donovan Award is given to reward talented and deserving youngsters who participated in all activities at the Beach Club.

2015 Brigette Gable
2014 Cannan Whittier
2013 Clara Donovan
2012 Cahill Whittier
2011 Annie Ronan
2010 Caitlyn Rogers
2009 Jake Ronan
2008 Cymantha Rogers
2007 Ben McGrath
2006 Erin Cassidy
2005 Maddie Riley
2004 Ryan Dempsey
2003 Ryan Heffrin
2002 Ivy Prince & Julie Kowalik
2001 Ivy Prince
2000 Hunter Smith

The Davenport Award

The Davenport Award is named in honor of Dr. Joanna Davenport, a life long member of The Beach Club and avid tennis player and enthusiast. The award is given annually to the junior tennis player who demonstrates dedication, good sportsmanship, and is a wonderful representative of The Beach Club. 

2015 Willard Schull
2014 Loch Sheridan
2013 Bella Peters
2012 Zach Carmosino
2011 Ellie Ronan
2010 Kirby Heffrin
2009 Kelsey O'Brian
2008 Chris Wigglesworth
2007 Rachel Burke
2006 Ryan Dempsey
2005 Chris Butterfield
2004 Chelsea White
2003 Danny Spillane
2002 Michael McMahon
2001 Katie Spillane
2000 Heather Fox