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Swim Lessons

We offer progressive swim lessons to all children so they have the opportunity to learn in a supervised environment – from an introduction to the pool on up to water safety skills. The beloved Beach Club “Patches” are linked to swim lessons, and the skills of each level. 

Group swim lessons will be offered at a fee of $40 per session. Each one week session will consist of four half-hour lessons offered at the same time Monday- Thursday. If the enrollment for the class is less than three children the class will be cancelled or parents may choose to pay the private lesson rate. Classes being offered will follow the sequence of the Beach Club Patches and a child must be enrolled in a swim lesson to earn a patch. 

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Private Lessons

Private lessons can be scheduled by filling out a form.  If possible, please make your requests at least 48 hours in advance. We may not be able to accommodate same day requests. Our instructors are available seven days a week.  Monday-Thursday, we can schedule lessons 11:00 AM-Noon and after 2:00 PM.  Friday-Sunday, we can schedule lessons any time of day. The fees for private lessons are $40 for an hour lesson and $25 for a half-hour lesson.