The Beach Club Tennis

Tennis is an integral element of the recreation program of The Beach Club and is intended for members of all ages. A Tennis Committee comprised of volunteer Club members will be maintained to assist the Club Officers, Club Manager, and Tennis Pro in carrying out various tennis programs, activities, and events.  

The Club Officers, Tennis Committee, and Tennis Pro are responsible for establishing and administering all programs and activities related to the use of the tennis courts.  The Tennis Pro is hired annually by the Officers upon the recommendation of the Tennis Committee.  The Club Building and Grounds Committee and Club Manager are responsible for maintaining the tennis facilities and maintaining  their safe condition.

The court schedule and tennis programs should accommodate the interests of the entire Club membership to the extent possible.  Emphasis of the program for children and junior members should be on recreation and instruction.  If the Club chooses to organize Junior teams to compete against other local clubs, the nature of the program shall emphasize instruction and participation over competition.